Dr. Tom James

World-renowned Financial Services Thought Leader, FinTech Entrepreneur, Fund Manager, Published Author & Keynote Speaker.

Dr Tom James


Dr. Tom James is a world-renowned financial services thought leader, a FinTech entrepreneur, fund manager, published author and keynote speaker. Dr. James co-founded TradeFlow Capital, the worlds first fund group investing specifically in global commodity trade for SME firms; all made possible through digitised supply chain and operational processes. The group launched its first fund in 2018 and thanks to Digital processes has enabled billions of dollars of imports and exports. His commercial exposure has been gained through a broad range of senior executive roles in commodity trading, investment management, commodity finance and technology architecture.

His advice is sought by Governments & Multinationals for assistance in market development and the health of business Ecosystems. Previously, he was a Senior Energy Advisor to the United States Department of Defense (TFBSO). Dr. James has documented and shared his extensive industry expertise through a series of 12 books and numerous media appearances (such as this most recent appearance on Bloomberg). His content has become required material for professional exams & university courses and has been cited by NASA, Government agencies and Academics around the world. He is also on the founding team of a space tech fund for Asia.

Dr. Tom James is a world-renowned Financial Services Thought Leader, FinTech Entrepreneur, Fund Manager, Published Author & Keynote Speaker. With over three decades of international experience in the area of Commodity, Energy and Emissions markets, he is a world-renowned expert in his field of trading investment and risk management.

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Tom was creating fintech before the word fintech was even invented. He has been improving processes for the international trading ecosystem since the late 90's. He is an expert in:

  • Digitalisation & digital business transformation
  • Technology and innovation
  • Artificial intelligence application, blockchain, IOT, cloud, trading systems
  • Machine learning, big data, smart contracts, algorithmic trading
  • FinTech innovations in finance
  • Commodity industry, risk management & lending
  • Innovative business solutions
  • Digital assets, tokenisation 

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Digital Supply Chains

The digital era is necessitating a re-think of today's supply chains. E-commerce, mobile networks and social media are all empowering customers to expect highly tailored and individualised solutions. Tom is an expert in:


  • Intelligent digital supply chains
  • AI and predictive analytics in risk management
  • Collaborative business networks
  • Digital supply chain levers
  • Digital ID's
  • Digital Freight
  • Zero trust networks
  • Digital supply chain best practice
  • IoT devices
  • Tracking technology

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Emissions, Climate, ESG & SDG

Tom is a thought leader in the emissions market, he published a book on Energy & Emissions markets with Wiley Finance in 2008 just after the creation of the European Emissions Market trading scheme. Tom is now pioneering ESG and SDG deliverables in the Fund management and fintech space, as an expert in:


  • What is ESG?
  • Board Level ESG SDG Mission
  • Embedding ESG and SDG goals
  • ESG ratings and policies development
  • Development sustainable policies
  • ESG, CSR and SDGS
  • Methods of quantifying Impact
  • ESG Ranking
  • Delivering positive contribution

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Space Economy & Space Tech

Tom published a thought leader and mentor in the new space economy. He published a book on the development of the space economy in the area of Deep Space Commodities in 2018.  Bringing together engineers, academics and space lawyers to look at the questions commercial managers and entrepreneurs need to ask when looking at space business. He is an expert in:


  • Space tech startups
  • Space entrepreneurship and mentoring
  • Space Economy growth and opportunities
  • Real business right now in Space
  • Investing in Space Tech companies
  • The future of The Space Economy

International Trade

Tom has trained and lectured to tens of thousands of energy and commodity traders and management of trading groups from all over the world since the late 90’s and has been both a Chair Professor and adjunct professor at universities around the world for related topics.  He has worked with the United Nations FAO and the ICC and WTO on the future of trade. In 2016 he published Commodity Market Trading and Investment: A Practitioners Guide to the Markets (Global Financial Markets).

  • Efficient Market Development
  • Building Exchanges
  • Fund Management Innovation
  • Global Commodity Ecosystem
  • Commodity trading
  • Commodity risk management
  • Investing in the Commodity sector
  • Sustainable Practices for the Commodity industry


Since Tom setup his first computer supplies business age 13 he has been continuously expanding and challenging his experiential knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, through his own startups and the creation of sponsored new division startups within larger organisations.

In 2021 he successfully reversed his latest startup TradeFlow Capital, a FinTech distributor and fund management company hybrid in the international trade space, into a public listed group on the main board of the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • Failure and success management
  • Entrepreneurial strategy
  • Types of entrepreneurship
  • Design thinking & disruptive innovation
  • Building personal resilience
  • Psychology of an entrepreneur



Admiral Lord West of Spithead
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Professor Tom James, an expert on global natural resources, has now focused his decisive intellect on resources in space and their commercial exploitation. I have been intimately involved with satellites and the military use of space for some 30 years, but it is only recently that these broader opportunities in space have become apparent. The book is fascinating and very timely. A must for individuals and those involved in the off-planet endeavour.

Admiral Lord West of Spithead

Former Chief of Defence Intelligence, Head of the Royal Navy, and UK Security Minister
Nuno Rodrigues
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Tom and I have worked together on projects in commodities since 2005; I was very impressed with Tom's professionalism, with his deep knowledge of commodities markets. Tom is extremely reliable, he is an entrepreneur, very business savvy, with an 'out-of-the-box' approach to problem solving. Tom is very well respected in the industry, and I'm honoured that I had the opportunity to work with him. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again in the near future.

Nuno Rodrigues

Former Chief of Staff,  Office of the CEO at TAQA group - Abu Dhabi Government. Chief Investment Officer of PE fund in Africa
Deirdre LaneQuote mark 1

Tom worked conscientiously and strenuously to forge from inception a professional excellent core team in his venture Liquid Capital Markets. His legacy of books, media appearances, successful missions and dynamic promotion of the commodities markets is outstanding. Tom is a treasured resource to the energy world, caring and willing to share his skills, knowledge and abundant resources in this precarious market.

Deirdre Lane

Ambassador of Circular Economy Institute, The Positive Impact Community and Founder of Shamrock Spring Eco Consulting


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